Silicon Pair Front Foot Gel Pad For Warts Night & Pain Relief


  • Made of high quality gel, close skin texture, soft elastic, super comfortable.
  • Ergonomic design, provides protection to the circumference of the toes.
  • Gel Toe Separator, Gel Toe Corrector, Flexible Straight, Finger Separators, Rubber Toe Separators, Used in Sports Activities, Yoga Practice, Running for Men and Women, Pain Relief Tumors.
  • Finger spacers can be worn while wearing shoes or insoles, to reduce the daily discomfort of tumors and hammer pain.
  • Finger joints and finger joints for tumors, overlapping fingers and drip pain.
  • A set of tumor gel separators for tumors, temporary tumor cushions, and tumor concealer, one size fits all tumors
  • Flexible toe separators: Daily use of gel protectors will soften the toes to normal.
  • Pressure over time will reset the finger joints.
  • Easy to use: just move one over your big toe, the gel is comfortable between the big toe and the second toe. 

Product details

  • Used easily
  • One size
  • Includes two pieces
  • Made with precision

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